Our highly skilled glass painters can reproduce sympathetic replicas for lost pieces where restoration of lost glass is required. Our large pallet of mouthblown glass from England and Germany enables good colour matching when needed.
We specialise in reproducing screen printed and fired pieces in the style of William Wailes of Newcastle, one of Victorian England's largest ecclesiastical stained glass producers.


This is a completed restoration job from St. Michael's church in Alnwick. In the before pictures you can see a previous fixture from another firm. This head did not match the rest of the window as the colour match of the glass and the painting styles were incorrect. We found a better glass match and repainted the head.


Unfortunately a church in Easington had a break in and was left in an awful condition. When we were asked to look at the window to see if we could repair it, there was only lead left in tact. Using some old images we managed to restore the window back.


This church in Bamburgh had a bad repair completed previously by another firm. When we were called to view the window we made the decision to repaint bother the body and the arm pieces. We selected a better colour match and repainted the piece using our knowledge of the artist.