Our team of highly skilled glass painters have extensive experience replicating Medieval to Twentieth century glass where new infills are required. The team have a vast knowledge of historic painting styles, printmaking and glass working techniques. Our large pallet of glass, pigments and stains from the UK and Europe allow us to create sympathetic glass type, paint and stain matches. We always use all available evidence to recreate missing pieces of glass accurately. Repaints are documented, signed and dated to allow them to remain discernible from the original artists work.
Being based in the Northeast of England we are specialists in reproducing William Wailes (1808-76) of Newcastle's screen printed glass using our studios screen printing facilities. Wailes was a notably prolific producer of ecclesiastical Victorian glass.

St. Hildas Hartlepool

Due to internal impact damage we repainted three pieces of glass for a Horace Wilkinson window (1926). Evidence was used from the remaining fragments to accurately reconstruct the painted detail with grisaille paint and match the glass sympathetically. The wave was made with blue flash glass and was sand blasted to create a two toned effect and the two architectural pieces were silver stained to create yellow detail. Repaints are signed and dated to remain discernible.

Hexham Abbey

Angels from C.E Kemp window dated around 1897 dedicated to William Kirsopp  (Hexham abbey nii). The far left angel was a highly unsympathetic and distracting repair. This old repair used the wrong colour of glass and paint, with heavy paint application. Our new painted infills rectify this using evidence observable within the panel such as paint, stain colour and glass type. Art historical research was also utilised - the angels hold Bishop’s mitres above the heraldic symbols of three of the Bishoprics Kirsopp was associated with. Left – right, York, Ripon and Chichester (York had previously been lost and is now recovered).


This church in Bamburgh had a bad repair completed previously by another firm. When we were called to view the window we made the decision to repaint bother the body and the arm pieces. We selected a better colour match and repainted the piece using our knowledge of the artist.